Monday, March 10, 2008

it's things like the following that make life worth living...

a email that i received today...

and i QUOTE:

I'm new in town and can't find my way around; could I have directions to your place? ;-)

soooooooo NOT AWESOME that it borderlines on awesome. i love this town.


Hillary said...

My personal favourite is:

If I could re-write the alphabet I'd put U and I together.

*sigh* do they actually think it will work?

new york dactyl said...

i really don't know.. but it sort of makes me giggle and hurl all at the same time.


Hillary said...

You left a comment on my blog a few days ago about wedding photography. I can't figure out how to reply in a non-public forum, so I'm choosing your comments to do so (sorry! and, um, hi everyone!)
Do you mind sending me the websites of the photographers you'd recommend? I'm not sure that we'd go with someone from out of town (we're getting married on a holiday weekend and travel will probably be a bitch) but it's worth a look.
Thanks! And sorry for the 5-inch comment.

eric said...

that guy is amazing.

you know, I once [when i was a sophomore in high school, mind you, so don't hold it against me] decided it would be cool to say ::

come and partake of the nectar that is I.


got slapped.


apparently girls have no appreciation for awesomeness.



Jeremy said...

What? I can't help it if I have no sense of direction!!!!!

new york dactyl said...

:e: - if you or someone actually said that to me, i'd laugh my ass off...with delight.

at least it shows some imagination and sense of humor.

Mike said...

That is fucking awesome.

I had no idea that did it for you.

If that's the case:

You must be tired, because you've been running around my head all day?

So, um.... are you having my babies now?

Karen said...

I would have totally fallen for that nectar line.

arija said...

you know why pick up lines are dumb? they work against the purpose you're ostensibly trying to achieve, that is, getting someone to like you by complementing them. in fact, all pickup lines do is draw attention to the person using them (instead of the person they're trying to pick up.) so not only are they corny, but they're inherently self-absorbed, and to me, there is NOTHING less attractive than someone who is unironically self-absorbed...and this is coming from an at-times INCREDIBLY self-absorbed (though also self-aware) person!

Miss Adventurous said...

Unironically, sure, but if someone spit that jive at me facetiously, I'd think it was cute.

You should send a message back and see if there's any substance there. Who knows?

How does the profile picture look?

new york dactyl said...

based on the profile pictures and things that he says about himself.. i'm sticking w/ cheesy and not my type.

his opening sentence is: IF YOUR INTO GAMES, DONT WASTE MY TIME.

if you open with spelling or grammatical errors, i just can't do it. i just can't.

Green Eyed Girl said...

That is so funny!!

chira said...

i think its so stupid it is awesome.

new york dactyl said...

chira - exactly. and i hope you don't mind but i gave him your phone number. :P

Martha said...

bwahaha... who is this fellow?? i want his digits/email/whatever so i can call him personally to thank him for the laugh.