Saturday, August 8, 2009

that place where the beat never stops dropping...

as i stand here on the subway platform listening to a live album that daft punk put out a few years ago... i notice that i'm smiling, and shaking my hips about a little bit. i love this album... where you get to hear the crowd go absolutely effing crazy every time the beat drops. that moment that just puts the biggest grin on my face... and i realize, i love this place... where the beat never stops dropping.

here on a subway platform in new york city... mid afternoon and it's not too hot or muggy... and a lesbian couple farther down the platform is holding hands and stealing kisses. i love this place... where two women can kiss openly in the middle of everything and no one cares or thinks too much of it.

i could do with a bicycle... to ride around the streets of brooklyn and take it all in. but right now, this new apartment has no television in the living room... and if i'm ever going to watch another movie, i'm going to need to purchase a television. but i love this place... where life's biggest decisions are settled between new electronic festiveness or other avenues of outdoor bliss. if the wii came free with the television, it'd be a no brainer.

i want to stay here forever... in that place where the beat never stops dropping. where i'm somewhere on a dancefloor smiling from ear to ear, and other smiling people are coming up to say that 'they love my dancing'. where it's okay to play music as loud as humanly possible. where's it's okay to smile all the time, and look at all of life's possibilities, instead of stressing over what one doesn't have. it's better here... in the glass is half full side.

go dance a little bit. find me later.