Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i'm a traveling fool...

i was back home in seattle last weekend.. here's a recap of me being awesome:

1. i got to the airport FOUR hours early on wednesday because i brought the wrong itinerary with me.
2. i hit on every guy i met that had a girlfriend. who knows why.
3. i spent an entire day doing absolutely nothing and it was perfection.
4. i picked up a stranger and didn't remember doing so the next day.
5. i took many, many kickassish pictures.
6. i found a dead mouse in a bag of old clothes after exclaiming "this smells like s*%t over and over again until i found it.
7. i took a bath in my mom's new whirlpool bathtub... and found myself up to my nose in bubbles when the water kept agitating the shizz.
8. i fell asleep on the floor of the dallas-fort worth airport waiting for my connecting flight home at 5am. i drooled all over myself.
9. i had maybe the best trip back home that i've had yet.
10. i got a weeeeence of a haircut.

more to follow...