Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my dear august...

i hate to break it to you, but you've been rather sucky.

your weather has been all over the place... solid events have been minimal (minus DP which was beyond amazing and might make up for the rest of august's suckiness in one blow)... and for the most part you've been rather boring. even lonely.

i am looking forward to september, in earnest. i have tickets in hand to some amazing shows, fun people are coming to visit, and the idea of pulling out scarves and sweaters again rather excites me. i love fall. for that brief month where neither summer swass nor winter chafing endeavor to ruin me.

august... i promise to be good to you for the next week and then will give you one hearty goodbye as i dropkick your tooshie out the door... i'm hoping that september will stay for awhile, and not go by too quickly.

carry on xoxo tlc

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i have been a bad, bad blogger...

do you know why? because i have a stupid little myspace account and i blog there... daily. for some reason or other, i can't be bothered to repost over here, or heaven forbid, formulate further thoughts that would necessitate an entirely new blog entry. i'm just not that brill.

today, however, i've noticed that i am one punchy little biyotch. and i either want to fight tigers for all of my friends, and demonstrate a little loyalty and valor (because sometimes i AM the man in the relationship, even with myself), or pick verbal battles with people because i know that i can win... or as my best friend K says 'make them cry'. not that i'm really a bad person and want to make anyone cry... i'm just in that sort of mood. my period, for those of you that would automatically assume that my testiness is generated out of ovarian overanalysis, is still a few weeks away.

it is raining like crazy today... and although i mourn the inevitable end of summer, i rather like wearing this sweater today, and sipping from this lovely cup of steaming tomato soup. if a grilled cheese sammich would magically appear in front of me, i'd swear i was dead and firmly implanted in heaven.

over the last few weeks, i have determined that i am officially a photographer. no more half-assed shrugs of my shoulders, or bashful responses to compliments. i am a photographer. and if you would like to hire me, you know where to find me.

in case you need some visual reference... here:
all monies earned in the next few months will go towards the completion of my website. i promise not to make your children cry while we're shooting.

carry on.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

shmoop shmoop be boop de doop...

who the eff knows... whatever.

my dreams at night are usually the things of great adventure and romance, mystery and suspense, passion and idiocy. i can never be too certain when i wake up in the morning, if i'm remembering something that has actually happened, or if the mild bubbles of recognition are merely figments of my imagination.

so when i woke up mid slumber to the sound of thunder crashing and rain pounding at the windows and roof from all directions, watched as water gushed past my view horizontally, the sky lighting up with circadian flashes of brilliance, i forgot all about it by the time i'd fallen back asleep...mere moments later. i was only reminded of the occurence upon waking this morning, only to find that EVERY SUBWAY IN NEW YORK CITY HAD BEEN CLOSED DOWN DUE TO FLOODING. minus one train... that just happened to be the one that goes by my house. so after an hour of the hottest and most tightly packed subway cars ever, i made it into grand central station, and got to walk the ten blocks up to my office building. i've never seen so many confused and drenched and helpless looking people...and that's not even speaking of the tourists... the poor dears.

i have no idea why i took a shower this morning, because my sassy little outfit and hairdo were completely wet and crumpled by the time i got here... i have since toweled off and put on some workout shorts underneath my skirt to stop the friction from setting my body aflame, and this lovely iced coffee smiling at me from my desk, is the greatest thing EVER! EVAH!

lately i've been smattering my netflix queue (i swear i leave my house sometimes..ummm) with classic movies, and i've sort of found myself in love with doris day and have been watching all her movies. yesterday was the thrill of it all with james garner... i'm sorry but she is adorable and lovely and even the simplest and most stupid (and chauvinistic) storylines are made entertaining by her smile and challenging banter.

then i watched breach... and ryan phillipe is no longer good looking. he's gotten a little pudgy and really is just a bad actor. i haven't liked him in anything since playing by heart (which is one of my favorite movies of all time... mostly because jon stewart is in it), but that's neither here nor there. breach... is... disturbing, on a ton of levels, and mostly because it's about a true story/event. chris cooper is an amazing actor, that somehow is overlooked in general. i'm not necessarily going to recommend seeing it, but if you happen to, you should enjoy it... if you're breathing air in and out every day and aren't, in fact, dead.

i'm excited to go to the gym today... it's legs and tookus day. weeeeeeeeee!!

carry on xoxo tlc

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i don’t even know what i’m talking about anymore...

i had one of those spiritual moments yester evening... well not 'spiritual' mind you, because i'm dead inside... perhaps the better word is peaceful. i'd gone down to the penn station area, to macy's to buy new sheets (like you all knew that i was doing) and decided to go to the gym that was nearby in herald towers. the gym is on the 25th floor (i hate long elevator rides) and a little smaller than the one i've been going to lately, but had all the amenities that i needed.

i kicked my ass again (god i love doing that) and decided to take my stretch and unwind time out on the balcony slash terrace. there is a wrap around deck at this location that overlooks all of midtown, you can see up sixth avenue all the way to central park, and in the other direction all the way through to the financial district. had it not been the muggiest day EVER, my zen-like experience would've been even greater. but i just stood there, doing my show off stretches (because even at almost-thirty i can still pull off some old school i'm a gymnast stretches) and watched the sun set. it was amazing.

i ended up reading something for work last night that referenced candida royale and her old school pro-women 'real side of women's experience' porn company, and because i was curious i researched on line a little bit and read what she was about. which led to me surfing porn sites for about an hour, which obviously led to diddle central... and then i was wide awake. there are really only two conclusions to diddle central (aka dating myself) or sex of any kind, for that matter: either wear me out so that i fall instantly asleep, or enjoy a few minutes of the festive, have the moment, and then find yourself wiiiiide awake and raring to go. i need someone else there to actually wear myself out ON, which is a shame in and of itself, but nonetheless... there i was at midnight... on my new sheets... awake as if the day was new. i might be the only one that has this problem... but there you go.

as i type this i notice that my arms are really sore today. i keep smacking into things and having a hard time lifting anything.... maybe i pushed myself a little too much at the gym last night, who knows. but that coupled with the start of p week today, has turned me into a massive clutz. massive.... bruises pop up out of nowhere as if cosmically willed to the surface. bygones.

i can't even remember what i was going to talk about today... this all just sort of fell out of my mouth like verbal vomit... how exciting for YOU really...

carry on