Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i have been a bad, bad blogger...

do you know why? because i have a stupid little myspace account and i blog there... daily. for some reason or other, i can't be bothered to repost over here, or heaven forbid, formulate further thoughts that would necessitate an entirely new blog entry. i'm just not that brill.

today, however, i've noticed that i am one punchy little biyotch. and i either want to fight tigers for all of my friends, and demonstrate a little loyalty and valor (because sometimes i AM the man in the relationship, even with myself), or pick verbal battles with people because i know that i can win... or as my best friend K says 'make them cry'. not that i'm really a bad person and want to make anyone cry... i'm just in that sort of mood. my period, for those of you that would automatically assume that my testiness is generated out of ovarian overanalysis, is still a few weeks away.

it is raining like crazy today... and although i mourn the inevitable end of summer, i rather like wearing this sweater today, and sipping from this lovely cup of steaming tomato soup. if a grilled cheese sammich would magically appear in front of me, i'd swear i was dead and firmly implanted in heaven.

over the last few weeks, i have determined that i am officially a photographer. no more half-assed shrugs of my shoulders, or bashful responses to compliments. i am a photographer. and if you would like to hire me, you know where to find me.

in case you need some visual reference... here: www.flickr.com/photos/tdactyl
all monies earned in the next few months will go towards the completion of my website. i promise not to make your children cry while we're shooting.

carry on.


Brooklyn said...

I will be in NYC starting Thursday morning at 6am and departing Sunday morning at 6am. Kuba doesn't arrive until Thursday night, so I'll be on my feet all day, which won't help my swollen elephant ankles. Is there a corner I can stand on and yell your name?

Brooklyn said...

hi. me again. I thought you might want to see this:


My wedding slideshow. Can I not?