Sunday, April 12, 2009

let the sun shine down...

a lot of things have changed about my new york life. i was recently laid off from my day job, i've decided not the renew the lease on my current apartment, and i'm considering leaving new york... perhaps for good. i think it's easy to say that i feel a little bit lost right now, unsure of my next steps, my real path. and this loneliness that pervades my daily life seems never to decrease. you can have a million friends and acquaintances and still feel utterly alone.

i'd like to think that i can make it as a full time photographer, but underneath all of that "skill" that i've somehow obtained, there is complete doubt. what does one do with doubt? where do you take it and drop it off? how do you find fortitude and courage to continue on when there's no guarantee of success?

what if, for example, i was here alone... forever. then what?