Friday, October 10, 2008

ice cream, you scream...

slightly disconcerting moment this morning when i realized that someone's perfume had the distinctive odor of my vibrator cleaner. did not need that reminder at 8:30 this morning... that's for sure.

it appears, due to my own good fortune and someone else's idiocy at double booking themselves, that i'll be in attendance at madonna's concert tomorrow night. hi... here's me being excessively excited! i've never seen her live. so... CHECK. word on the street is that her stage performance this go round is rather aerobic. maybe i should wear some legwarmers and get some good cardio in as well. gotta keep your social calendar as multi-task oriented as possible. i mean REALLY.

i'm getting the business in a little over a week and a half. thank the ceiling for visitors with a purpose. i'm well overdue... and behaving that way. which is never impressive.

all of this financial crisis mumbo jumbo is making me very happy that i hadn't bothered to contribute to my 401k over the last two years... now i'm not going to lose more money that i never had. or something a little more grammatically relevant... or correct, even.

i'm rambling.

my lovely friend j sent a freeze dried case of graeter's ice cream from ohio, and it just got here. needless to say, ever fabulous coworker r and i will be enjoying the everloving shiitake out of 6 fabulous flavors in t-minus fifteen minutes. if you need me, i'll be swimming in dairy goodness.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

revenge of the bookeaters...

so early yesterday, i was invited by a friend to join him at a benefit for 826 NYC at Town Hall. 826NYC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 10 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write (verbatim from their website). all teaching is 100% volunteer based and they have two locations in brooklyn. i'm actually thinking about stopping by and offering my writing or photography skeeeelz.

the show was hosted by Daily Show correspondent John Oliver (oh lovely anglo) and included an interesting array of talent portions, including songs by random siezing asian chick Thao Nguyen, and dude duo Department of Eagles(who, i'm sorry to say, had the worst man haircut that i've ever seen from my forty yards away in my life), and talking points by Ira Glass and Kyp Malone.

Oh hello PAUL SIMON... it's not everyday that Paul Simon randomly walks out onto a stage to sing you a few ditties. I was in heaven. And then this completely beautiful african woman (whose name is not on the website so i can't tell you who she was... but she was amazing) came out and sang a few songs. And i swear to you... suddenly i felt like i'd listened to the entire soundtrack of the power of one in four minutes. extremely powerful voice. i'll need to research who the heck she was.

then writer Jonathan Franzen brought out Bobby Cannavale, Patricia Clarkson (who i just want to lick), Parker Posey (who i also just want to lick), and Tunde Adebimpe. they read a 16 page piece that Franzen had concocted about New York. it was brilliant.

two hours of awesome sauce, all for an amazing cause... loved it.

and then this morning i wake up to try and find a pair of jeans that i can wear under my new gray boots, and somehow manage to squeeze my suddenly smaller ass into an old pair of size 6 jeans that i haven't been able to fit into in the last year. so let this be a lesson, go support the arts and your ass gets smaller.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my love commune in scotland...

i feel like taking an entire day off, taking my laptop and headphones, and curling up in a big overstuffed chair somewhere, and doing some writing. i think one of my biggest problems is that i always feel like i have so much to say... but when it comes to the point of actually writing it all down... i can't seem to find the words.

i go back and read old blog entires and think... i wrote that?

the fall/winter always makes me feel excessively emotional. i think it's pretty clear that i'm an emotional and sensitive person... but for some reason, the cold makes me feel excessively so. one wants to get cuddly... and hold hands... and be read to. when in real life does that actually happen? does that happen in your lives? b/c it doesn't seem to happen in mine.

hope is an interesting concept. when do you stop hoping that things will work out and go your way? when do you let go of the romantic optimism, and settle into not-so-subtle realism? i'm impatient... i want the goodness to start now. but then again, i always seem to want the goodness to start right now.

i watched ironman again last night... i really do have a giant gaping crush on robert downey jr. hopefully one day, he'll become my fourth husband. once i start my love commune in scotland, of course. p.s. if the republican ticket wins... i'm starting a love commune in scotland. you're all invited.