Friday, October 10, 2008

ice cream, you scream...

slightly disconcerting moment this morning when i realized that someone's perfume had the distinctive odor of my vibrator cleaner. did not need that reminder at 8:30 this morning... that's for sure.

it appears, due to my own good fortune and someone else's idiocy at double booking themselves, that i'll be in attendance at madonna's concert tomorrow night. hi... here's me being excessively excited! i've never seen her live. so... CHECK. word on the street is that her stage performance this go round is rather aerobic. maybe i should wear some legwarmers and get some good cardio in as well. gotta keep your social calendar as multi-task oriented as possible. i mean REALLY.

i'm getting the business in a little over a week and a half. thank the ceiling for visitors with a purpose. i'm well overdue... and behaving that way. which is never impressive.

all of this financial crisis mumbo jumbo is making me very happy that i hadn't bothered to contribute to my 401k over the last two years... now i'm not going to lose more money that i never had. or something a little more grammatically relevant... or correct, even.

i'm rambling.

my lovely friend j sent a freeze dried case of graeter's ice cream from ohio, and it just got here. needless to say, ever fabulous coworker r and i will be enjoying the everloving shiitake out of 6 fabulous flavors in t-minus fifteen minutes. if you need me, i'll be swimming in dairy goodness.



the wild koba said...

one would be fascinated to know just what perfume this person was wearing.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is some funky perfume!

Enjoy your frozen dairy treats!

Ryan Scott said...

You just made me Ice Cream hungry! How are you!