Friday, September 21, 2007

a snugglesaurus is just what is needed here...

today is one of those days when i really just want to go home early from work, climb into the comfiest pair of pjs on earth and waste the day watching champion 80s movies... and giggling. i need to take advantage of the down time while i can, because i'm shooting an all day wedding tomorrow and need to conserve as much energy as possible.

of course someone else to snuggle WITH would be most helpful... but even in times of decade long dry spells... you get by somehow or other.

my pledge for october... i plan on blogging over here every day instead of just on myspace. i figure it's time to stop hiding behind the privacy of my friend's list and just letting it all out before it's too late.

i feel so much like a background person lately... that great things will never happen to me, i'll be the understudy to some great production. i mean, if i'm playing understudy to scarjo that won't be so bad... at least i'd be that much closer to making ryan reynolds my mancake for life. but that's an entirely separate subject.

clarification: as you may or may not know, i have an overdeveloped fascination with ryan reynolds... and jessical biel as it happens. so maybe it's just a blade trinity thing... but really... i heart them both. bygones.

back at the beginning with you...

let's start over, back at the beginning.

we'll shake hands, turn about, stare at each other from across a crowded room.

double take.

triple step.

topple over.

turn about and begin again.

you'll say everything that comes to mind, and i will smile and say...

thank you.

we will live a dream within a dream.

a never ending tale of joy...

the sheer and unabiding affinity for ease.

a pleasing moment.

an effortful distance.

an unyielding attraction that wills the worlds to collide and expand upon themselves.

in essence, of essence... we will be strangers.

with history written only in the books that we'll never read.

and i will conjecture to write you well,

if only in my imagination,

as i do now but with limited memory.

i will remember you,

if we start over again.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

i’ve got my eye on you...

i figure it's about time to bite the bullet and get contact lenses for real this time. yes i have astigmatism and have trouble in the past with the comfort level of wearing contacts, but really.. if i'm going to keep taking pictures... it'd be nice to not have my glasses smushed into my face whilst looking through my viewfinder. just a thought...

our vision plan is quite frankly... lame. it's a reimbursement plan. which means i have to pay out of pocket and then fill out forms and wait to be reimbursed. cuz i totally have $500 extra dollars laying around for my eyeball fund.

i am still not quite sick... i keep taking tylenol cold (sleepy time version) before bed, and it's helping me 1) fall asleep earlier and 2) actually get a good nights sleep. of course im totally groggy during the day, but at least i'm well rested. ish. if i can stay this way til sunday morning, the bubonic plague can strike me for all i care. but it HAS to wait til sunday morning... i cannot eff up this wedding. (which, by the way, i'm now starting to get nervous about).

overall... i'm just bored. i've been working alot and trying to stay rested and hydrated... and i'm just bored. i haven't been to the gym in almost three weeks, and that's not good. being so busy that you can't take time out to take care of yourself... not worth the money. :)

i know that i was super excited for september to get here, and now that it's sped by i'm heralding october like it's my job. i suppose we always want the opposite of what we actually have... and it's my least favorite thing about myself.

hi there...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

real men don’t order frappaccinos..

you might be grossed out by this but i was just in the bathroom... taking care of some business... and the person in the stall next to me was either holding her hand above her head and dropping pebbles into the bowl or performing the hover at almost a full standing position... the plop plops were SO loud. i almost wanted to say something, but did not. i just wiped my seat and proceeded...

this morning, on my quest for caffeine, i watched the most interesting pair of business people chatting as they waited for their starbucks. she was probably 5'2" in an almost chic suit, possibly italian (the girl not the suit), wearing edgy glasses, and attempting to look older than she was... or perhaps more hip, who knows. her conversation partner was like 6'6" and also italian (and by italian it could've been any number of languages b/c i couldn't really hear what they were saying). his head was bent so far forward that his chin was resting on his chest, and she was looking up so much that her neck HAD to be hurting. anyway... these types of conversations always amuse me... i have no idea why. i am not short... so this shit doesn't occur in my life. anyway, i was trying to get a good once over glance at the guy because, well, he's tall and i'll take what tallness i can get around here (really)... and then his order came up... and i changed my mind... because any real man in my future life does NOT order frappuccinos.. especially with a mountainous pile of whipped cream on top.

SIA last night was amazing... her new album should prove to be just as magical as the last. and i still maintain that she is ninety million times better live than she is in a recording studio. but that's just me...

i'm really tired... too much work... but in a good way. please keep your photo referrals coming in. the more the merrier... and the sooner i save up for a better camera, the sooner you'll have access to better pictures of yourselves.

or something.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

an intimate position...

bless my starry skies

and this expanse of deepest black.

a curtained soliloquy in waking up next to something new.

letting fingers intertwine as a melody lingers in the distance



intimacy is everywhere if you bother to hold onto it.

rushing through your fingers and peppering the neck with sensation.

a festooning of joy

discussed in quiet circles with the whispered promise



the end of solace and misery.

the beginning of forgiveness.

the start of a conversation that never ceases to amaze.

the continuance...