Tuesday, March 11, 2008

awesome/not awesome

since i haven't done one in a while...


not awesome: having to take just two... they're DELICIOUS!
awesome: sunshine after a rainstorm.
not awesome: the inch long white hair that i just plucked out of my chin. why can't you see those buggers before they get to be an entire inch long?
awesome: new shoes.
not awesome: the blisters that the new shoes leave you.
awesome: a healthy mindset and being excited about going to the gym.
not awesome: looking at oneself naked in the mirror in the middle of winter.
awesome: i clearly LOVE making lists.

now you're turn. today's awesome/not awesome.


Hillary said...

awesome: the giant coffee I could justify having because of daylight savings time

not awesome: daylight savings time

awesome: my puppy

not awesome: my puppy eating my nuknuuks (best slippers Ever)

that's all I've got - brain dead due to sleep deprivation

new york dactyl said...

good call on the DST being not awesome. i'm adding that to my list.

Jeremy said...

awesome - crystal light packages for your water

not awesome - the President visiting your state during lunch and f'ing up traffic.

awesome - feeling a difference after only one day of workingout

not awesome - taxes, GUH!

awesome - I referred to myself as the epitome of awesome today and someone agreed.

Ending on a high note.

Karen said...

Holy shit!!! I totally have that chin hair too! Timmy saw it one day when the sun caught it and I'm STILL hearing about it.

Awesome: the experience (mostly sexual) that comes with having lived for 30 years.

Not awesome: what the body experiences after 30 years (i.e. excessively long chin hairs, when the ass starts to droop, dry skin).

Awesome: having a 21 year-old boyfriend that can keep up with me in bed.

Not awesome: When said 21 year-old boyfriend says he's never heard of Molly Ringwold.

Shaolin Punk said...

awesome: Having amazing friends with amazing careers

not awesome: when their careers take them to NYC.

I now have FOUR friends who were stolen from me by the East Coast.
*shakes fist at sky*
East Coast, damm you, leave my friends alone!!!!

K said...

awesome: thinking about someone and it makes you smile and laugh outloud.

not awesome: green onions sprinkled on my food because someone thought they were pretty.

awesome: finding a guy whose learned the "how to's" of the downtown bonanza.

not awesome: finding out the guy you totally dig has a penis the size of my ring finger and it feels like laffy taffy.

awesome: drinks with the girls.

not awesome: papercuts.

awesome: a joint on a sunday morning... and new york dactyl

not awesome: typing more and more of these while i attempt to remember my stupid password (AGAIN!!)

new york dactyl said...

katie.. you've successfully made me piddle my pants today.

laffy taffy?? WHAT!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get the chin hair sometimes too. So weird.

not awesome - Being on deadline and having writer's block

awesome - Leaving work soon to have a drink (or many) with friends

not awesome - Going to the gym once and not seeing results - I expect them to be instantaneous

awesome - Your list made me laugh

new york dactyl said...

LITLL - i feel the EXACT SAME WAY about the gym. stupid gym.

i'm even going to sit in the steam room today and hope that extra pools of sweat seep out of me.

good luck with your deadline!

Natalina said...

awesome: sex in the afternoon

not awesome: a pile of laundry sp huge that it might deserve it's own name... we'll call her "Mount Fuckitall"

awesome: Mojo fresh from the groomer and smelling all pretty

not awesome: my asshole neighbor brings his Golden Retriever over for some kind of doggy playdate (wretch) and now my fancy dog looks and smells just like he did yesterday before I dropped 60 bucks to make him pretty.

awesome: having stuff to look forward to. (like vacation!!)

Mike said...

I have hundreds of hairs growing out of my chin! WTF!

Also, do penis's come that small in non asian?

I mean, i'm not hung like Ron Jeremy or nothin, but mine is bigger and thicker than a woman's ring finger BEFORE it stands at attention.

Well... except when I'm really cold ;)

new york dactyl said...

and yes, the penis comes in a non-asian small version.


Jacob said...

Scary awesome: Listening to an Indonesian describe how she would kill a white guy like me and hide the body parts.

Not-Awesome: Listening to a drunk Norwegian anarchist claim China's government supercedes your own in terms of human rights and realizing that you have no where else to go to.

Awesome: Eating rice with pork noodles for less than $1.

Not Awesome: Having to flip your underwear inside out for its third rotation since you can't find a laundry machine.

Awesome: Listening to a call to prayers at dusk.

Not Awesome: Listening to a call to prayers at dawn.

Awesome: Not having to get up for work in the morning.

Not awesome: Holding in the pee so you can read Tara's blog. It hurts to laugh.

Martha said...

not awesome: ridding the bus in the rain

awesome: getting into my jammies and curling up on the couch when its crappy outside

not awesome: not being very bust at work all day and then getting slammed the last hour

awesome: over time

not awesome: that you missed the Sia show

awesome: that i am very forgiving and will keep you as a friend anyways