Saturday, March 15, 2008

the streets were paved with gold...

i'm sure that a few weeks ago i mentioned how excited i was about the new movie wanted coming out in june. well two weeks ago a notice was posted in the entry of my building saying that the streets would be closed due to movie filming... stunt work to be exact... for the very movie that i've been creaming panties over....WANTED.


james mcavoy is standing outside my building...RIGHT NOW!

they are working on car chase scenes on our streets, and i'm over at my neighbor's house, out on the terrace staring at him.

just another reason why i love this city... fast and gorgeous cars and the opportunity to see one of my very favorite actors (and newest addition to the top five laminated list) twenty yards away from me.


Anonymous said...

He is YUMMY. Love him. I'm jealous.

arija said...

i also love him, especially when he's in full faun gear from the Narnia movie.

every time i've read your headline this weekend, i've started singing in my head immediately after: "and there are no cats in america / and the streets are paved with cheese..." which is weird, since i definitely haven't seen that movie in about 15 years.

Mike said...

Funny enough, my small town area is a hotbed for filming.

Silent Hill was actually filmed in the Downtown area of my city.

Several films were shot in a nearby town which is one of the towns I work for (municipal service).

When it's a small town, the film people take OWNERSHIP. It really, really pisses off residents trying to get around, as well as us Municipal workers trying to do our jobs.

Those dipshits took it upon themselves to operate fire hydrants, without asking us, without paying for the water.

Not to mention it compromised our ability to provide fire protection for the rest of the city.

It's a damned good thing hollywood has some hot chicks in some cool movies with awesome explosions, or I'd be pissed ;)

Karen said...

Timberlake is down here in the DS filming a movie right now. I'd stalk the set if I didn't have to work.