Tuesday, March 11, 2008

just one of those days...

ever have those days at work where you look at the organized little piles of tasks to accomplish for the day, and secretly wish that you could throw your arm across your desk in one sweeping motion and send everything crashing to the floor. yell fuuuuuuuck EWE, and go striding out the door to the elevator?

i might be having one of those moments.

i would like to talk about the ever-exciting concept of misplaced frustration or anger. now tara, you say, throwing your work onto the floor and swearing obscenities is not the way to handle your stress. but, dear reader, i wasn't talking about myself.

i work with a few choice individuals that are very brilliant, yes, but they do not know how to channel anger, rage, frustration, sadness.. aka emotion. suddenly someone will be standing in your office screaming at you about how the mailroom didn't deliver the mail this morning, or that someone sent them an idiotic email and they just don't understand why people are so stupid... or any number of things. i'd like to make this all really clear for you readers... this is not my job nor my problem. this is what my best friend K lovingly refers to as a YP: YOUR problem.

what is it about office politics that makes it so difficult for individuals to coexist in a respectful, organized, and efficient manner? do not yell at your coworkers. do not yell at your peers. do NOT yell at your subordinates. and certainly don't yell at other people's subordinates. we do NOT love that. you will quickly move to the not awesome list and will remain there. for. EVER.

ting! <--- that's the noise my fake cheesy smile makes when i'm pretending that i give a flying patootie what you need. it's fun try it. TING! slight head tilt.

carry on.


Jeremy said...

"and certainly don't yell at other people's subordinates. we do NOT love that"

No we do not. Welcome to Policies OF Office Twerps or P.O.O.T.! I am your tour guide beej. Enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, don't ask me because I don't care. You get two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch...enjoy

I love office politics. It use to bug me, but ever since I watched the movie Office Space, I just laugh and laugh. Especially when my very own real life Michael Bolton calls me for something.

Jacob said...

"Okay then...but I'm taking the goldfish!"

Martha said...

its like every day is a monday... bummer.

'ting' <--- why did that make me think of the orbit gum commercials?? "What the French, TOAST!?"