Thursday, March 6, 2008

i am the kind of girl...

that spends WAAAAAAY too much money on import music. guhhh.

this is currently on it's way to me...

we love her. and i'm such an anglophile, it's retarded. i really should just move to london and be done with it. sheesh.

this weekend i promise to get outside and take some pictures... maybe even play with the new remote timer and put my face in some moderately decent pictures, b/c i haven't felt photogenic in a loooong time. i will hold hands with my girlfriends, sip on ladylike-esquely named adult beverages, and buy a new pair of shoes.

and then i will smile at you and run away. and you'll like it.


Jeremy said...

I had never heard of Adele so I had to investigate. She is no Booty Luv, but I LOVE her voice.

dactyl said...

yeah... it's true. her voice is unreal.

and booty luv is only for deskchair dancing beej... get it straight. :)