Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ill be busy til mid july...

we all know that i'm sort of a professional dater... and in this world of "your social life meets resume writing", we come across a variety of characters that simply do not know how to 1) behave and 2) communicate properly. dating is a beast all it's own.

i've heard every combination of amazing pick up line, dating errors, and terrible break up on post it situations. my friend amanda mae and i have decided to devote a blog entirely to the disasters of dating, and the ways in which dating is mishandled.

mae was recently broken up with via text message with, when asked the next time he'd like to go out with her, "i'll be busy until mid-july". ouch.

and so, we give you ill be busy til mid-july the blog. please feel free to email us or comment with your own stories. from seattle to new york city, we've all been bludgeoned by the unthought out blunders of someone NOT awesome.

here's to us.. and them.


Jeremy said...

I had two people in the span of about four days tell me I should do internet dating again. I still get cold sweats when I think about all the wonderful dates that lead to before. GAH!!!! As of now I have no idea if I will actually try it again.

Mike said...

Hey! what about Canadians!

We're thoughtless assholes too!

chira said...

shut the front door.
i've found my new favorite blog.