Monday, March 17, 2008

green with a lack of envy...

i am neither irish nor a fan of beer... green looks muy terrible on me. i hate crowds. however, if i press my face up against the windows along one wall of our offices, i can watch a parade. oh how i love a parade. oh how i hate reasons for tourists to cluster up.

i was going to run some errands over lunch, but now that i think about what the subway station below our building on 5th ave is going to be like... i'm starting to reconsider.

it's been unusually cold here... the weather channels say that it's going to be high 40s and low 50s, so i've put away my winter coats and am just wearing my thin spring/fall coat. except i'm fuhREEEZING today. but i refuse to pull the winter coats back out. refuse. i will continue to shiver a little bit as i walk down the street, sometimes remembering to put my "leather driving, eventhough i no longer have a car, gloves" on. i will smile at you, with these new freckles peeking out on my nose.

i will continue to spend an entire day out on a fire escape watching movie stunts being filmed on our street (p.s. i saw some pretty sweet ramp jumps yesterday), and i will continue to flirt with strangers.

i have no idea what this blog entry is about... my brain is oddly fuzzy this morning. stupid uterus.

happy st. patty's day!! xoxo


Jeremy said...

I never really understood how this day has taken off so much. I never needed an excuse to drink and really that is all this day has turned into, but alas I will not be drinking green beer. Instead I will be at the gym working out.

I am wearing green though, but I come from Scottish descent so no idea why I'm even wearing green.

Hillary said...

Resist the urge to pull out the winter jacket! If you bring out the winter jacket it will mean that it's still winter. We need spring!

new york dactyl said...

hillary, i completely agree!! that's why i'm not doing it. :)

Miss Adventurous said...

Imagine my chagrin when, walking down W. 34th street during my lunch break, in my green coat and with red hair (like I do every day), I was assaulted by drunken slobbering New Jerseyites! In my case though I'm just jealous because I didn't get to go to a parade or get drunk. :(

Mike said...

ahh, so it CAN be blamed on the uterus!