Friday, March 14, 2008

be careful, your face might get stuck that way...

i've got a very sour expression on my face right now. all week long, i've been getting mighty excited about concert tickets that were going on sale today. goldfrapp has long been one of my favorite artists... an amazing combination of electro, dance, and rock music. she's amazing live. AMAZING. so when i found out that she was touring again, i flipped.

until spencer told me about her new album and i went to listen to snippits on itunes. she's gone from upbeat dance awesomeness to melancholy ballads that are not soulfully interesting. i do NOT want to sit in the bowery ballroom for two hours listening to her wimper... i want to DANCE. i want to make the 'yeah daddy don't hurt me' dance face, and take over the corner of a dancefloor.

i feel like i piece of my body has just been ripped off and flung onto the floor. NOT AWESOME.

in other news, it's friday... and i have an amazing weekend planned. expect pictures. ;)


Miss Adventurous said...

Amazing! :p

Inga said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate it when your favorite things change. Bands/musicians, food, restaurants, stores...Why fix something if it ain't broken.

Hope you have a great weekend!

the wild koba said...

i'd wager that allison would do a set along the lines of tori amos. loads of the good stuff at the beginning and the end, and snippets of the newer material in the middle. would she really do a short set of just those songs?! that'd be a surprise, to say the least.

Martha said...


arija said...

ditto what koba said... i was actuall going to make the tori amos analogy too. weird.

Chriselda said...

amen amen amen!
i was so bummed with her new album
i bought it no questions asked
then poof!
was so depressed

but...hmmm.... tour, eh??