Friday, November 16, 2007

who is that irish buffoon whooping and hollering in the back row?

oh wait... that's me.

and first of all, let me point out that i am NOT irish. but if you're going to a comedy show that is somehow completely based on ethnicity (even through five comics) then people are going to generalize about you and assume that because you are loud, and may or may not be mildy intoxicated, that you are (in fact) irish. not so, my friends, not so. i'm norwegian. but that is neither here nor there. well maybe there... but we'll move on.

last night after work, i accompanied a dear friend and coworker to go see his older brother do some stand-up comedy (is there sit down comedy? i'm curious). we went to vlada (gay bar) for some happy hour beverages, where i procured the business cards of too gentlemen (both not my team, obv) b/c i'm just that charming when i'm not trying to be. then we went to yum yum bankok and had some very delicious thai food (i was starving), and then on to the show at the broadway comedy club.

the broadway comedy club is one of those establishments that makes you pay the cover charge and then makes you purchase a two drink minimum (which really, is beyond annoying). the drink list was hilarious and so one of the other members of our party and myself decided to drink strawberry daquiri b&j wine coolers. that's right friends, i was drinking 'flashback to junior year of highschool' style beverages. and let me tell you... they... were... DELICIOUS!!! the host of the show, that i kept heckling because no one else was answering his dumb questions, ribbed me a little bit about our drinks, but i did not care. that shiitake made my night.

rajiv aka the funny indian is a delightful guy... in town visiting his brother until mid december (yay for the rest of us), so if you get the chance to check out his blog, or see him out somewhere serving up the funny... tell him i said hello.

carry on.


Karen said...

I also recommend Smirnoff Ice...the one with the black cap. It's kind of like Zima, only WAY better.

Rachel Schell said...

haha! b&j's wooo!!!

PS - I'm Irish and I'm not loud and drunk all the time. maybe we could switch. or you could just lie....nobody would notice or're white. nobody cares what form or version of white you are...they just know you're white.