Thursday, November 1, 2007

pushing all the wrong buttons...

the time has come, to push the button. sorry... lyrics.

anyway, i've been picking up a few festive winter tidbits (in the clothing arena, of course), and i'm noticing that i am at CONSTANT war with the buttons on my shiitake. last week, i found that both of the cute little buttons on the sleeve of a new shirt had popped off, the middle button of my new sweater had come off (luckily id kept the extra button b/c it's rather large and noticeable when missing), the short sleeved work appropriate little jackety thing i bought... the button popped off of the first day. now i KNOW i sometimes have a problem with corners, meaning i cut them too short, and am always walking into walls... so maybe i'm just snagging these buttons on corners, or am too rough with myself as the day goes by. who knows really. all i'm saying, is that i can't seem to keep the buttons on my clothing. if i had a boyfriend, he'd like this about me... however i do not... and therefore, need my buttons.

normally when i buy new clothes and remove the tags, that extra little envelope (or baggie as the case may be) with the standby button gets tossed right into the garbage. eff that. seriously, i'm now going to take up a button collection, because even in new clothes i somehow manage to look like an utter hobo. hobo chic is in right? eeeesh.

i'm enjoying my morning latte and croissant (yes i realize its afternoon but just go with me here.. and yes i pronounce croissant in my french maid accent) and i really love the advent of this festive little coffee lid. you pull back the tab and it tucks neatly into a premade little nook, so it stays open and you can enjoy your coffee. so fancy. who THOUGHT of that? i'd like to give them a high five.

and then i'd also like to meet the inventor of pantyhose... whoever HE is (b/c come's clearly a he)... and punch him in the face.

carry on.


Natalie said...

That's so funny about cutting corners.... I tend to do so both figuratively AND literally, and neither have very great results. I figured the bumping in to stuff was because I got so fat and I don't realize how much more space my path consumes..... but you're maybe it's just a thing. And the buttons....I never save the buttons, but ALWAYS wish I had. And even if you don't need to replace the buttons on your poor mistreated wardrobe, I saw this thing on blues clues where you could make a button book, and draw cute little pictures accented with buttons....think black buttons for car wheels and pink buttons for pig noses and brown buttons for meatballs. Very cool. :P

C'est tout!! Mangez. Buvez. Viviez.
(just going along with the french maid schpiel...and I do miss speaking french...I need a good french film...hmmm....)

Loosy said...

Love the new header. I wish I had your teeth.

dactyl said...

Nat - blues clues.. the answer to all life's mysteries really. get it? ha ha.

B - and thanks. you can send all compliments to my orthodontist.

Karen said...

Did you ever think that maybe your clothes were making you feel better for having a less than desirable (according to YOU) love life? Like, " one's popping any buttons off of Tara today...why don't we just jump off and give her a boost?"

Or maybe it's the corner thing.

Ambiguous Amber said...

Panty hose inventor = prick with too much time on his hands. Please read my daily dose. I'm soliciting for thoughts since I have but only one loyal reader at the moment.

Preston said...

I have found that when I save my buttons in the bag or otherwise I almost never need them, however when backup buttons are absent, which happens occasionally, or I lose the buttons, almost immediately the buttons fall off, or at the very least loosen. Losing a button can be a travesty as the button store rarely has the perfect button, and the best button is better than no button, but not the same.

I believe there is a correlation. Button karma.

save the buttons!
-p (collector of buttons)

Karen said...

Button, button....who's got the button?

Jennifer Summer said...

Punch that jerk a good one for me, too. I abandoned pantyhose as soon as I went through puberty. Screw that.

I LOVE your new blog header! Pretty girl. :-)


hanomaly said...

hobo dactyl, lol. really, i think there is a hobo inside everyone. because it's perfectly excusable to have ten produce stickers stuck to the right side of my favourite "bag lady" sweater....that the hub hates by the way.

btw, button collections only do you good, if you actually use them. yes, i've got plenty of buttons. i try to keep them with the intention of putting them to their designated use. however... i'm pretty certain i've quite a few articles of clothing still minus a button or two, that haven't made it into surgery. yes, i wear the green buttonless shorts...and one day i'll pay, when my massive rear has shrunk, the zipper comes undone, and i'm standing in the market with a draft on the previously covered region.

and well, if in the distant future, when certain bits of your wardrobe have gone to fashion heaven, i hope you've loads of lonely socks in need of eyes. i've got tons of lonely socks.

oh, and stop kissing the wall. d and i were chatterboxing today..and she suggested that we need bubble wrap armor and helmuts. i'll tell her to put in an extra order, or two.