Tuesday, November 13, 2007

quality television and my tooshie - in cahoots.

who knew that the bravo channel could provide such amazing motivation to go to the gym?! as you may or may not know, i do not have cable right now. as an attempt to get myself out of the house more, i decided to forego the cable. i'll read more... i'll go out for movies more... okay not really. i'll ass-rape netflix more is what i'll actually do. but anyway, i don't have cable.

so, imagine my delight when i realized that i can catch up on all things bravo channel while kicking my own ass on the elliptical machine! i used to suffer through even twenty minutes on that thing.. my feet fall asleep, i stare off into no man's land (because i don't wear my glasses while working out and can't see THAT far ahead of me without them), but now... i watch project runway reruns and giggle my way through forty minutes of ass kicking awesomeness.

gimme six weeks... just six weeks to get back into the kind of shape that i can be proud of. come christmas time i'm going to be running the streets nekkid... due to sheer joy at the sight of me. it's been long enough...bitches(and i'll be all caught up on my quality televesion, spank you very much).


arija said...

i haven't worked out in almost a month... maybe you can be my motivation to do so. let's encourage each other! we can run through seattle naked on new year's together. and then we can get the #2 meal at mcdonalds.

dactyl said...

hey if you are following a solid food and exercise path during the week, it is DEFINITELY okay to have one 'just for you' day. the lovable cheat day where you can eat whatever you want.

oddly enough, the last time i got in great shape, after a period of time i didn't even want the junk food on the cheat day.

but we all need our 3am pizza to balance out a night of dancing... or midnight streaking (of course).

Karen said...

How will you keep track of the new season of PR with no cable?!?!?

dactyl said...

i'm going to watch it at the gym!!! duh.

Karen said...

Oh, yeah.



(That was me rewinding time and taking back that retarded question)

Amanda Mae said...

On Bravo:
God - I love bravo. We don't have cable :(

On Arija:

That's like Jesus knocking on your dorr on Christmas Day.

On Working out:
I have been doing the eleptical every day (er, amost) for 20 min. It's easy on the knees, and gets my heart rate going. 20 min isn't too long so I don't get bored.

Amanda Mae said...

ps - I want at least 1 BRAVO moment with you while you are here.