Monday, November 12, 2007

icycles hanging from my nose...

ever have those mornings where your alarm goes off, and you slowly open one eye just a sliver to assess the light in the room and evaluate how badly you want to get up on time? today was totally one of those mornings where i spent many minutes searching the recesses of my mind trying to come up with some viable excuse to NOT go into work today. had someone been sleeping next to me, i absolutely would've stayed home in bed... but alas, i could come up with nothing, and here i am freezing my ASS off.

i am completely swathed in my scarf right now, and the space heater is rocking out on the floor... my shins are so warm right now. pfffffft.

icycles hanging from my nose.. if i sneeze too hard i might cut my chin with them. okay that's a slight exaggeration. obv. but it's dang cold. and i want to be curled up in bed napping.

carry on.


Mishka said...

You have to wear your winter jacket in my office until mid-tuesday, when the heat finally begins to fill the room. Fridays I wear tank tops it's so damn tropical.

Karen K said...

brrrrrrr. indeed.