Sunday, November 11, 2007

i like to jinx myself... don't i?

i mean i REALLY like to jinx myself. we know this about me. i talk about things and get excited about things before they are actually ever THINGS... and yet i can never seem to control my excitement. we KNOW this about me.

so i'm not altogether certain that friday night actually occurred, or if it was, in fact, just a figment of my slightly intoxicated imagination... and excessive penchant for all things ridiculous.

here's what i know: i came home from work feeling exceedingly exhausted and somehow managed to get myself off of the bed and into an outfit including chapeau. i went down to houston street and met mishka for some happy hour style beverages, and flirted with a bartender named gary. he was too happy about serving drinks called a 'ginger yum yum' (i couldn't let it go). then i went to sing sing with arija and ryan and rakesh, and actually managed to sing one song alone... and a duet with arija of 'part of your world'. yes... we sing disney tunes at bars. what of it?

then i know that matt dragged us over to greenpoint to a bar called i have no idea what, where people where playing pool and dancing in the middle of what was NOT a dancefloor. and here's where my imagination perhaps plays tricks on me. i weaseled my way into a conversation with two gentlemen in the corner, of which i'm certain that i invited myself... and then spent the next nine hours enjoying the shiitake out of one of their company (please note that the latter half of that sentence is not grammatically correct.. here's me not caring right now).

so i should stop the mere mention of this right? because amazing nine hours should be repeated with no end, and if i talk about it it'll go away, right? we know this about me. but good things do happen when you least expect them.

carry on.


Jennifer Summer said...

You are so much fun. Next time I'm totally coming with. xo

arija said...

hahahahhahhaha one of your tags is "pizza" hahahahahahahaha

dactyl said...

well it was REAALLLY good pizza!

Mishka said...

I defintely should have gone with ya ...

a naan said...

Are you an Aquarius? (checking) Yes, you are. So am I. I do the same thing. Case in point -- invited for a ridiculously romantic day at the beach. Got all in a fluster about the possibilities of a long car ride, being on a beautiful beach, wine, romance, smooching, and feelings happening.

I buy a new jacket, a new hat (neither of which I can afford), worry about hat not being smooch compatible, wonder how friends will react when they find out I'm seeing him -- yes, "him" -- what if we run into the variety of "them" who don't know about this thing yet. Do I invite him to the company holiday party? Wait! it's only been two dates... but two fantastic dates -- and I haven't made it past two with anyone in the last year. Think about smooching again. Pack both gum and mints to make sure breath is nice.

Perfect day, perfect date. Beautiful beach, nice wine, great conversation, romantic dinner setting...

Smooches = one... on the cheek.
Feelings happening = 0


Just call me Jinx.

Karen K said...

dude. there, i said it again.
and wowza!!! ;)

martha said...

eh, enjoy it. beats dating the internet..