Wednesday, November 28, 2007

there is a sea in me...

there is a sea in me...
deep inside me a giant sea,
only a tiny boat in which to cross.
the oars...hidden,
the wood...weakening,
but made from the stuff of magic.
this boat in me is so small you see,
and comfortably makes passage for one.

there is a sea in me... deep inside me a giant sea,
welcoming of travellers but knowing few.
the water... cold.
the passage... uncertain.
daring the intrepid man to interrupt its waters.
the sea in me seems so vast you see,
resolute, entreating this passage for one.

this last glimmer of hope i see.
a preservation to battle against the sea.
a lifetime of worth and ease.
failing all else,
there is the urge to swim...

in me.


Rachel Schell said...

:D when can I buy your book? :P

arija said...

free-form brain dump... bwahahahaha.

your brain dumps are much more beautiful than mine.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

oooh you go girl (snap, snap) Beautiful.

dactyl said...

thanks ladies. :)

Natalie said...


Martha said...

LOVE it!!