Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'm the kind of girl...

(why is it that women have a hard time calling themselves women? at what age do you start to feel comfortable calling yourself WOMAN, instead of girl, lady, gal, or chick? i often wonder when i'll fully own that word, woman... i roll it around in my mouth sometimes, and often almost let it escape my lips, but usually i change it at the last moment and still say girl. why?)

i'm the kind of girl:

* that sets up dates with ex-boyfriends while on vacation home, just to ensure that she has someone to make out with.
* that eats an entire container of hummus for lunch.
* who thinks that sweat is a good and necessary evil.
* that always daydreams about other adventures, and seems to have her head firmly immursed in the clouds.
* always wishes that she'd had a few sisters.
* wants babies but doesn't actually want to give birth. (get on that, science)
* can't help waiting til the last minute.
* has things to accomplish and should just get to it...

and with that... a hearty 'carry on'.


arija said...

i never say woman! i usually don't say "man" either. makes me uncomfortable.

as for the other stuff:
1. well, i've never done this specifically, but i have flown across the country solely for the purpose of making out with someone i hadn't spent more than 24 hours with since high school
2. i do this far more often than is healthy/necessary.
3. it's just an inevitability.
4. yeah... in my head (especially when i'm on the treadmill) i am the world's best singer, dancer, choreographer, artist, doctor, beach volleyball player, etc.
5. i'm finally getting to know mine!
6. adoption!!
7. uh, yeah, this is why i just woke up from a two hour nap instead of doing the two lab reports i have due in two hours.
8. going to do that now. LOVE YOU!

martha said...

* wants babies but doesn't actually want to give birth. (get on that, science)

its called adoption WOMAN!!!! you should check into it.

Karen said...

Giving birth really isn't as bad as you think. I'd rather squeeze a baby out of my vagina than get my muff waxed.

dactyl said...

guys, i want babies that look like me... duh.

oh yeah, and i don't want twins. is that bad? :)

arija said...

man, i am WITH KAREN on this one. i realize i've never given birth, but if it hurts half as much as a bikini wax, i'll adopt a whole country. woof.

Rachel Schell said...

I don't say woman either.

but man or men is an insult in my book. so when I use it I am most certainly a little pissed off at that sex.

PS - having a baby isn't bad if you have an epidural. however, I am so afraid of that huge needle that I did it the natural way and I would do the same thing next time. it sucked, but at least I don't have a 10 foot needle inserted into my spinal cord.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

A) I've never eaten a whole container EVER

B) That's what surrogates are for.

C) I think you're only as old as you think you are. I'm always a woman now but when I'm 103 years old, I hope to be a girl again :)-