Thursday, February 28, 2008

when life gets a little rough and/or tumble... add a little sunshine

dating is hard. it takes a lot out of you... all that being on your best behavior, putting your best foot forward, remembering not to belch in front of someone new (that hasn't yet been introduced to the cacophony of your burps), having to put makeup on and shave your legs, the not so joyous tasks of letting someone down that you like but don't LIKE, and then starting all over again when you realize that the current crew just isn't hitting the high notes... or more to the point, making YOU hit the high notes.

i signed up for another month of it's payday and i was in the mood. last month garnered 1300 profile views, 212 winks received, 73 emails, 7 first dates, and 3 second plus dates. frightening statistics indeed. i swear i'm going to start saving the gem openers that i'm receiving from some people... just so that we can all giggle later.

since usually winter is a tough time for me, i'm delighted to find that i've stopped biting my nails again and i've got some significant growth going on here. that's good stuff. means that i'm not feeling anxious. the only bad thing about this winter is the beluga like coloring of my skin right now. way to make a girl feel NOT awesome. so i just bought this (the bff from california just introduced me to it last weekend and it's amazing):

there are worse things then being pale and awesome... but tan and awesome is just a little bit better.

mental note: must book plane ticket back to seattle soon so that sugin can fix my roots. spring is soon to hit NYC and i must be prepared for full dactyl shenanigans.


Karen said...

Are you blonde again these days?

dactyl said...

yup... have been since thanksgiving. :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Gah, I havent been ableot make myself pay for yet...but seriously since its 3am and i'm home alone downing a box of cookies and listening to sad chick music, after drikng margartias...I should sign up. yeah? lol.

Natalina said...

dating dating dating.... I don't envy the dating.

and "beluga like" is a wonderful way to describe my skin as well (and body come to think of it).... how about a link to that lotion?


Heather said...

I love the St. Tropez FOAM, too.... Probably my favorite. Goes on super easy.

Although, I've switched to Sun Laboratories these days --- also a good one to try. :)

Oh, and PS --- you should totally write a book of Giggle-Worthy Dating Anecdotes.