Friday, February 15, 2008

definitely, maybe

british john and i went to see definitely, maybe as our "valentine's day is dumb, let's buddy up and go to the movies" event. we met outside the movie theater only to find out that the showing was sold out. as he exclaimed "it's sold out to me", a man leaned in and said "i have free passes if you'd like them... but you didn't get them from me." i personally thought it was a scam... turns out, not so much. KY jelly was doing a radio sponsored give away and the rest of the people in the audience were all winners... we just happened to be lucky loud people and got in for FREE. love that.

the movie was charming... ryan reynolds managed to carry a movie without having to take his shirt off (which i was a little sad about really, because he epitomizes the pretty to me) and abigail breslin is, of course, adorable. i will clearly purchase this on dvd when it comes out and add it to my ever-increasing pile of sunday afternoon movies.

and just because it was valentine's day and i felt like it... i bought more ck cheekies... because OBVIOUSLY i need more bloomin underwear. pfft.


Karen said...

It is so YOU that you spent Valentine's Day with a british man watching a romantic movie that was sponsored by KY Jelly.

dactyl said...

you definitely have a point. :)

arija said...

Is ryan reynolds actually convincing as the father of a 10 year old? Because to me he looks like he's 26. I guess that's not impossible, but the premise of the movie is that he's had all these other girlfriends too, right? I guess I should see the movie (that's not happening).

I will admit, however, that in that line in the preview when he goes "The story has a happy ending... you're the happy ending" to Abigail Breslin... there were tears. In my eyes.

Which isn't that big of a surprise since I cried like a big dumb homo watching "The Incredibles" last weekend.

dactyl said...

i would assume that ryan's character in the movie would've become a father at age 24 or 25 maybe. the girlfriends and women that he dates in the movie span over only a few years and right out of college... so he'd be a father at 26. so he's playing a 36 or 37 year old? which no, does not get pulled off... but who cares... he's pretty.