Wednesday, February 27, 2008

what to think...

not sure what to think when my boss sits me down today to talk about how worried is about how sick i seem to constantly be getting. i hear "i'm disappointed in your job performance" when he says "when was the last time you had a physical, and maybe something is wrong with your immune system". i'm sure that it all comes from a good place, i just don't need the reminder that i'm slipping a little bit. i know that i get sick a lot in the winter time... germs hate me.

a nice man sent me flowers yesterday to brighten up my sick day, and i took this.


Jeremy said...

You know a wise person once told me about not over thinking things. Perhaps he is just concerned about you and not your job performance? Just a thought from the other side. I'm trying this whole new positive outlook thing out for a while to see how I like it. Right now my skin is crawling.

VERY beautiful picture btw. I am most pleased with this shot.

arija said...

Jeremy's right. If jb were concerned about your job performance, he would have sat you down and said, "Tara, I'm concerned about your job performance." That's how he made it to being a boss - by not beating around the bush or pulling punches. If he were dissatisfied with you (which, by the way, he's not) he would tell you. It's really easy to sacrifice your health for the sake of what you might consider staying on top, and it's not a good habit to fall into. If you, Tara, a person with perfectionist tendencies, genuinely think that you "are slipping" a little bit... that's probably an indication that you ARE pushing yourself a little too hard and it's recognizable by other people who care about you, i.e. your boss. New York IS hard people, especially in the winter, so take advantage of those fantastic publishing industry benefits and get yourself looked at!