Sunday, May 10, 2009

lasting reminders...

i keep hearing snippets of a british accent, and i instantly get sad. he's still on the online dating site that i'm on... and he keeps showing up in my mutual match section... 97% compatible. i wish i had an easier time focusing on the idiotic faults of his, instead of missing all the good parts. because i'm really, really missing the good parts.

i won the lottery to see HAIR last week... it was amazing... and people were naked on stage, i had no clue. apparently my jaw hung open well after the lights had come back on for intermission. whoopsie. i saw star trek today as well. GREAT BIG FAN. they cast that movie so well... can't wait to see what they do next.

my camera died a few days ago and i'm driving it to a canon service center tomorrow in hopes that they'll be able to fix it... b/c i really cannot afford to shell out a few grand for a new camera right now (which i'd have to do since i'm shooting a wedding in copenhagen in two weeks).

i'm having mini anxiety attacks, and with nothing to do to absorb my time, all i'm doing is fixating. i'm out of this apartment in three weeks...and then i'm homeless. it all tends to weigh down all at the same time. i get tired of pushing back. it's all sort of daunting... and i dont need all these reminders that shizzle is sort of sucking right now. not at all.


Jenn said...

Just me, loving you.

Amanda Mae said...

Naked on stage is my favorite.
I have an empty room in an amazing town home in the heart of the Central District (ehem, in SEATTLE).
I can not wait to see how your capture the love in Copenhagen.