Monday, May 4, 2009

going hog wild...

as i sit here eating my delicious turkey and swiss sammich, i'm reminded of something. i eat like an absolute PIG when i'm by myself. i am captain manners at a dinner table when other people are around, but when it's just me.... STUFFFOODINFACE! it's ridiculous.

spent today working on some photo biz stuff, creating blog headers (updating the photo blog, people... wait for it), and organizing things at home. sold the living room tv today, that just leaves the sofa left to sell, then i'll be ready for operation slim livin.

all this rain outside is reminding me of seattle... and you know? i don't mind it at all. 60 degree sort of wet days arent so bad. at least i'm not dying in a 85 degree no air-conditioning apartment like last summer. it was horrendous.

still feeling rather 'wait and see'ish... once the last week of may gets here, and i travel to copenhagen to shoot a wedding, i'll basically be homeless and jobless. the lack of finite direction is sort of refreshing... freeing, even. somehow i've managed to lose a few pounds, and i'm feeling really positive.

all in all... not too shabby.
now tell me about YOU.


Karen said...

Starting a biz. Trying to save $200 to pay the graphic designer to design my logo. Wishing I didn't have three mouths to feed so that I could quit my job and dive right in.

erin said...

homeless and jobless.. it really never actually sounded so good.
but just the freedom in that-to go wherever opportunity arises.

take us with you.
on all of your journeys.

Heather said...

Um, I'm sorry... You're in Europe the last week of May?


Come play in London on the 15th, 16th or 24th??? :D

(And ps -- didn't you love that couch? :()