Saturday, May 16, 2009

when did simon baker get so cute?

some things are just undeniably awesome... a cool breeze coming in through a slightly open window, your favorite thai food joint being open a few hours later than you thought they were, discovering a festive new show like the mentalist (suddenly simon baker is very appealing to me, who knew)... and sleeping through the night.

the other night, i slept. i didn't open my eyes in my sleep, i didn't rearrange the bedding on my bed, i didn't walk around, i didn't talk to anyone, i didn't feel like i was being hunted by someone... i just slept. i suppose that this singular instance really isnt a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. but if you lived in my head, you'd be pretty intrigued by it. comfort. ease. i like it.

i'm really excited for next week. i'm flying to copenhagen to shoot a wedding... and it should be a few days of a whole lot of awesome. hopefully i'll get the chance to flex my creative muscles and try some new things... take some amazing pictures... and take a little bit of pressure off of myself. the endless checklist. it'll be good to knock a couple of items off. then i can come back and work on sleeping through the night again.

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