Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sunshine daydreams...

in the middle of a walk up 6th avenue, after buying compact flash cards for my camera, and on the way up to meet another friend for lunch, i somehow talked my friend into shaving his head. i'm talking past the ear jewcurls to a one guard type of action. so, we went into duane reade, bought some beard trimmers, and found a spot out on the lawn at bryant park, and went to town. i was laughing my ass off the entire time, but it actually looks good. this might be my new thing. attack random men with beard trimmers... see what happens.

i have weird tan lines going on b/c of all this sunshine. yesterday in the car on the way to new jersey to pick up my repaired camera, and then today frolicking a bit, and shearing in bryant park... i look spastic. but who cares, the sun is shining.

i keep having random drift off daydreams about good smooches and late night canoodling. i can't help it. i just... like it/him/it/him. and that's not such a bad thing. is it? and because i know that i'm going to be gone for a lot of june, i just want it all right now now now now. and that part i need to get over... because i certainly dont want to overwhelm anyone else simply because i have a busy schedule. i'm still trying to be mindful of my 'one thing at a time' mantra.

i'm off to copenhagen for a few days... wish me luck!

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