Tuesday, May 5, 2009

self actualizations

were you ever in sports? were you ever asked to go over your routines in your mind and imagine yourself performing your routines perfectly, or imagining that you will dominate a course, or a game? in gymnastics and diving and other activities we were always asked to sit quietly and go over our routines. and every time i went over them in my head, i never performed them perfectly... i always fell... or messed up.

and oddly, it's always been that way... i never dream that something successful is happening to me, or that i'm winning something. i'm always being chased, or attacked, or am flailing... or failing. i never visualize perfection.

i was talking to someone else about this the other day, and i find it so strange that i can't seem to imagine my own success. shouldn't that be something that's easy... and a priority? how does one get to the point of focused self-promotion? i'm actually baffled.

will i ever succeed if i can't imagine it happening first?



Karen said...

I see you as somewhat of a perfectionist, T. And perfectionists never live up to their own expectations....though they are always striving for the best, and often achieving it.

Besides....better to envision not being good enough and doing amazing, than envisioning doing it perfectly and falling short.

Or is it?

erin said...

i think that if you give yourself permission to fail or not do so good from the beginning, that maybe you can start to see your successes.

giving yourself permission to fail isn't the same as setting yourself up to fail. but i think that routinely going over and over something and always imagining your failure IS setting yourself up for it...

you're such an optimist in other areas in your life-or maybe that's just for other people, but not for yourself.

gotta get those thoughts spinning the other way around.

BE the change that you want.

Heather said...

I'll just say this... The universe hears us, and it brings us what it hears us saying. So even if you can't VISUALIZE success -- you have to talk like you do.