Saturday, May 2, 2009

hairdid and movie updates

so last night, i went on a date with a very sweet man. we ended up having drinks at lillie's and then mid conversation (which was really a mutual spastic rant about how amazing action movies are) decided to go see xmen: origins... mmm wolverine. please keep in mind that any movie with hugh jackman, liev schrieber, and ryan reynolds can have absolutely no storyline or plot and still be the best movie ever. oh wait. :) and so it was, the best ever. :)

today i mosied down to the meatpacking district to red market salon( to visit my new friend and stylist, alex. she is an adorable little thing from california, and ive FINALLY found someone in nyc that knows how to properly do blonde highlights. glass of white wine, tons of giggles, and great hair. you can't beat that, at any price. if you're in the market for a new hairstyle or color, please go see her. and tell her that i sent you, you wont be sorry.

i'm off to enjoy the sunshine... you have no excuse. get outside. and smile at the freshly blonde girl bouncing by you (it's probably me).

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