Friday, January 4, 2008

welcome 2008

pardon my disappearance... two weeks spent back home in seattle "relaxing" have kept me completely occupied. and now that the dactyl is back in new york with a raging cold, i just can't seem to compile all my thoughts tactfully.

which means, you're going to get a giant brain dump of events that i'm recalling as i type them. really... lucky you.

- saw atonement with my mother. visually BEAUTIFUL movie, left me feeling rather thoughtful but not exactly weepy. two thumbs up-ish.
- watched the bourne ultimatum (finally). a two hour complitation of ass-kickery and awesomeness. perhaps the best bourne movie yet. i enjoyed it whole heartedly and was most assuredly standing on the couch screaming with glee during all the fight scenes.
- got to participate in (aka watch) the birth of my friend erin's son. i've never witnessed a birth, not to mention a home birth, and the experience (i can assure you) was awe-inspiring. words can do it no justice...
- did an ass ton of dancing, dressed up in ridiculous outfits, ate good food, and gave zillions of hugs. i only cried a little bit. only a little.
- had an eye exam and got fitted for contacts. it has not been a joyful experience, although i think we've found a contact that isn't going to make me scratch my eyes out. as soon as this stress and alcohol induced eye twitch goes away, i'll be attempting to wear the contacts on a daily basis. wish me luck.

i've been home sick today watching movies and drinking tea. my new draperies are up and i'm all unpacked. it's weird yet lovely to have a weekend to do absolutely nothing and regain my new york bearings.

happy 2008 friends and strangers... i have a lot in store for myself. wishing you a heart full of joy in this new year!!


Rachel Schell said...

I missed you!!!

you get used to contacts as long as you keep wearing them. but guaranteed they'll but the heck out of you for awhile!

Beeej said...

Good luck with the contacts.

Karen said...

1. I've missed you dearly.

2. I've witnessed three births, not including my own, which I REFUSE to watch. My life is different because of those experiences.

3. 2008 is gonna be a good year for you. I know this.

Martha said...

well.. im glad you're back and all.. but i miss you being here :(