Tuesday, January 8, 2008

there will be blood

managed to fenagle (that's a word right?) an advanced dvd copy of there will be blood yesterday, and watched it yesterevening in bed. now let's just say this, daniel day lewis is brilliant. he is. just a brilliant actor. and i can certainly understand why this film is receiving the critical acclaim that it is, and why people are buzzing about winning awards, etc etc. i, however, did not LOVE it. i should make this clear though, i'm not one to like the western genre. nor am i one to enjoy the pace that goes along with prairie concepts or meandering or anything that one might do in a western. if i have to watch a western, give me the guns, and some ornery dudes and witty banter and that'll be that. i'll say it again... DDL is brilliant, but i did not love the movie. there. moving on.

some time during the middle of the movie i decided that i'd make some pasta. because when you've been out of town for almost two weeks, and freshdirect gives you delivery dates into mid week (because EVERYONE is trying to restock their fridges after a long vacation via freshdirect), you don't have much left in the cupboards. so i made this pasta... in fact i made the entire box of pasta... because really, cold pasta is delish in the next day, and decided to try heating up this fancy sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce that i'd purchased a while ago but never used. oh... my... lanta that stuff was heinously disgusting. i can't even pinpoint for you the nature of the flavor it was just foul. i only used a little of it on the noodles and then heaped forty-seven pounds of kraft fake cheese on top and it still tasted foul. talk about forcing low portion size. i couldn't eat anything for the rest of the evening... however, if you'd like to try it, the leftover sauce is in some tupperware in my fridge. have at it... yo.

i'm dreaming of massages. over the break my mother took me up to the salish lodge for brunch and massages and now i'm wanting another one. by the way, if you live in seattle or anywhere near the salish lodge (www.salishlodge.com), make sure you ask for sandy. she does an AMAZING combination of lomi lomi and hot stone massage. best i've ever had. EVER. and that's saying something, considering that i used to work in a spa. dude. do it. anyway, the boss gave me a gc for a nearby spa and i think i'm going to go get a massage this weekend. my post-sickness body could use a little lovin. well... my normal body could "use a little lovin" all the time... but let's not be greedy here.


Rachel Schell said...

New York is great! advanced copies of movies!!! Are there people's head popping up in front of the screen while you are watching? or words running across the bottom of the screen saying this copy is not for distribution? :P hee hee

dactyl said...

haha no. a legit advance copy from the distributor.

nice try though. :)

Karen said...

My only experience with Lomi Lomi was at an unnamed Seattle Salon/Spa with a guy who got a little to grabby for my taste. I had to tell him that my inner thighs weren't sore.

dactyl said...

you have got to be joking karen... that did not seriously happen!!??

Karen said...

No, seriously....it did. There was one guy amongst all of the masseuses (is that the plural?). Anyway...he was always very flirty (unwelcomingly so), but we got spa treatments at cost (a massage is $10), so you took who you could get.

Well....needless to say, I'm glad I wore panties that day.