Friday, January 25, 2008

sometimes taking that next step is a bad idea...

sooooo the last few weeks, i've been talking to some people (aka men/boys/guys/etc)... some of which... delightful, i look forward to meeting in person, trying out that hand holding thing... attempting to look you in the eyes for an extended period of time without blushing... etc.

some... not so much. i'm sure most people would agree that there are certain "steps" that you would follow whilst meeting people from the interweb dating sites. you email on that site, then you move to normal email, then maybe IM, then texting, and then up to a phone call. then depending on how the voice interraction goes, you think about meeting in person. and usually by then you have a sense of whether or not you like their personality, and you just hope that part of your loins/heart/reactionary bits respond positively to seeing them in person.

then there's the guy, who on the phone, makes you crawl out of your skin every time he laughs. you rub your temples trying to be strategic about how to get off the phone, and then about how you can let him down gently...because it's clearly not going to be easy when he's already talking about "showing you around town" and referring to you as "babe". and please note (as if you didn't know this about me already), i HATE being called babe. if you are not my boyfriend of several weeks/months/years, you do not get to call me babe... or hun... or cutie. or some other pet name that makes me want to stab sharp objects into my eyeballs and maybe punch a puppy or two. don't do it.

sometimes i hate dating, and sometimes i love it. and sometimes i have to calm myself down about getting excited about someone new that i'm talking too. have to be patient, go slowly...blah blah blah BLAH. what if i just want some good smooches, eh?

okay, that's enough of that. i'd love to close with this factoid: one of my girlfriends just ended our IM convo with "i'm gonna go have sex now"... and i love her for it.



Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Or the online relationship can go like this-

See guy online, wink at guy, wait until he sends you message because you're too cheap to pay for membership, decide you don't like guy because he can't spell and never reply to his message, change your mind 2 months later when you realize if you don't go on a date with someone you will continue to have sex with your baby's daddy, email guy and say "You're taking me out Saturday, you're paying, you're deciding where we go. Meet me in the movie theater plaza.", meet him Saturday and realize almost immediately that he talks the way he spells, go home, call baby's daddy, have sex, and hate yourself in the morning.

Karen said...

You know what I think of "online dating". Granted, I made the mistake of doing it with someone I went to high school with, but still. Blergh.

Consider yourself lucky that you haven't gone down THAT road.

Rachel Schell said...

hahahaha! just go for it. who made all these silly rules anyway?

Natalina said...

Oh the wonderful world of online dating.... sometimes I wish I hadn't been married so young so I could do it myself.... I know I'd be really good at least on the imaginary end...then comes the trainwreck where I end up on a semi-blind date with my high school gym teacher. That would TOTALLY happen to me. IS it strange that such mortification appeals to me? Perhaps because I love so much to write about the MOST ridiculous parts of my life.... and I'm having a way too normal spell. Hmph.

PS. I'm going to have sex now. ;)