Friday, January 11, 2008

i discover anthony lane

i am sometimes swayed by public opinion when it comes to entertainment... meaning sometimes i believe what the crazy people at rottentomatoes are saying, and add movies to my netflix queue (joy) based solely on the reviews of others. but sometimes, i should be careful.

i brilliant example of this is sunshine, the movie that i watched with friend P last night. it stars cillian murphy (batman begins) and michelle yeoh (memoirs of a geisha). a sci-fi thriller that takes place in space... on a spaceship... on the way to the sun to help regenerate the earth's life force, or else everyone will DIE!!!... dun dun dun. really... the real reason that i even added the movie in the first place is because of chris evans (london, fantastic four). i am swayed by the pretty, it can't be helped.

anyway, the movie was AWFUL... so we get on metacritic to see how well the movie did with the public and it got a really high score and unusually complimentary reviews. we were shocked. until we found anthony lane, a brilliant movie critic for the new yorker. and now my friends: anthony lane reviews sunshine

you really don't need to watch the movie to enjoy this man's writing about it... i spent a good part of last night rolling on the floor with laughter.

some people are pure magic. and now i've found a man's opinion that i can trust. ;)


Rachel Schell said...

I cannot believe you even went to see that. Just from your description it's sounds like a cheesy 80's movie.

dactyl said...

i didn't... it ended up in my netflix queue...