Wednesday, January 9, 2008

if you could shut up, that'd be AWESOME!

why is it that when you call a restaurant to get food delivered, you end up with a headache... or just annoyed? there should some sort of universal filler noise or word when ordering something over the phone that isn't UH HUH. because as i'm giving you information, including my credit card number, it's suuuuuuuper annoying to listen to you say UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH in between every letter, word, or number. i'm JUST saying. i know you're there... i know you hear... i know you're actually getting what i'm saying, so if you have to make any sort of strange utterance, why not repeat what i'm saying... just for s's and g's. this will also eliminate the need for you to call me back fourteen seconds later to reconfirm my credit card number because you wrote it down incorrectly.

thank you... now bring me my sushi.

hi friends! it's dactyl here... slowly losing her mind. i sat at home for two hours yesterday waiting and waiting for my freshdirect to be delivered. yeah. i selected a wednesday delivery slot. awesome.

and please tell me why AWESOME is the greatest word ever? i use it excessively, i know that i do. i just can't help it. my bad. word up g. ugh.

it's warm and balmy today in new york. the warmer air and my new pseudo blackout draperies seem to make it impossible to wake up with my alarm in the mornings. this is the second time this week that i slept through the buzzing and managed to make it in to work twenty minutes late. yes, it's wednesday. i know.


Will said...

I suspect you're calling the wrong places because I never have this problem. Call places in Los Angeles like I do. The wait may be longer but the call will be fine.

dactyl said...

hmmm, yes i'd say the delivery time from LA to NYC would be quite substantial. at that point you have to worry about things like freshness. :)

Natalie said...

ah...the drapes.... my husband insists on dropping the drapes at night for fear that their are strange men in the deserted woods behind our house spying on us. Right, cause it's SOOOO iteresting to watch a couple of fat people get naked and read. Then comes morning... I tell him to pull them back when he leaves, because daylight IS my only alarm clock. But NO... he must think it funny to picture me rushing Cecelia into kindergarten 10 minutes late in my pajamas and bedhead. We should invent curtains on automatic roads that open on a timer.... seriously.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

awesome is the most awesomest word in the world. I'm thinking we should start a campaign to bring it back into regular everyday life. We can start by getting Paris Hilton to start using it.

That way people don't look at me like I'm an ass when I exclaim "awesome!" and give them the double thumbs up.