Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it's a constant reminder really... no... really!

i consider myself to be borderline computer savvy and above average when it comes to the world of technology. i mean, my mother always asks me to program her remotes, and show her how to use email systems, etc... so i'm a total pro right? sometimes... not so much.

i have some pretty massive computer geeks in my friend basket too, so you'd think that it would sink in. and some of it has... i know some tricksie little tools.

anyway, i was having some issues with my upgraded pc at work and sent a ticket in to the help desk... and upon inspection of the 'ticket xxxoxox295 has been opened' (and yes somehow that became hugs and kisses ticket but whatever) i realized that my original email had been bounced around between three or four upper level IT managers asking 'do you have any idea what tara is talking about?' the answer, obv, is NO... they did not.

so i emailed one of the originators of the email strain to say 'it is entirely possible that i am retarded... so am i?'... and he called to explain that i was, in fact, crazy. all of my assumptions about why my computer wasn't functioning properly: totally in my own head. makes a girl feel special, you know? and by special i DO mean that a short yellow bus is coming to take me to school.



Karen said...

It must be really embarrassing because you didn't detail the request.

Nicely done.

arija said...

girl, don't worry. when i worked at Harper, those poor IT guys got so many fucking retarded calls from the idiots I worked with. like, no joke, this one girl who sat in the office behind mine called not once but TWICE because her printer wasn't working. both times it wasn't turned on.

Amanda said...

At least, as you rightly pointed out, we aren't worse than our parents. I bought my dad an external hard drive for christmas and he was like "Sweet! Can this get email?"

Karen K said...

i hear the little yellow bus is kinda fun. i'm sure you'll have a blast...
(ps - the hub is superbly gifted in the puter arena... i married a geek. so just give a shout out if you have personal pc issues...)

Jennifer Summer said...

OMG, you crack me up.