Wednesday, October 3, 2007

if i was a little kitten, i’d totally pet myself...

i haven't been telling many people, because i don't want to jinx myself... but there's a very good chance that one of my photographs is going to be on the cover of a book. they had a concept that they couldn't find a stock photo for, so i shot something quickly for them. it looks decent, in my opinion, but not amazing. so we'll see... crossing fingers b/c that'd be mighty groovy.

bronchitis and i are like bff... it's like we're in a long term relationship... except i'm not getting any ass. just phlegm.

i've been meeting a ton of people lately that all seem to have cats. do you know what this does to me? it makes me want kittens even more. we can't have pets in our current apartment, so i'd have to wait til next year anyways... but still. i want a kitten. soonish.

it's wednesday and the boss will be gone for two weeks for a bookfair. i'll either be bored out of my mind, or he'll call every day with weird requests and keep me on my toes. i can't decide which sounds better.

because i'm sick, and because i'm just that kind of lazy (or awesome, you pick) i ordered more food from fresh direct. i'm sorry, but the idea of someone BRINGING me fresh produce and ice cream is the highest form of decadence. and it's cheap... so i mean reeeeeeaally.

i get to see A this weekend. thank GOD because i need a hug that means something.

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Rachel Schell said...

the guy who wanted my photo on the cover of his book, for which I gave him an amazing deal. has now informed me that the publisher may include cover art for the book. so there's a good chance he won't need my photo. sucks!