Tuesday, May 20, 2008

swell season/interference

i love those days where a friend calls/IMs/texts to invite you to a show that evening... especially when it's to see someone you LOVE. in this case, it was my friend M, and she was taking me to see the Swell Season. you would only be familiar with them if you'd seen the movie ONCE, or were a fan of The Frames, or Glen Hansard himself. aka if you weren't completely dead to all things awesome.

Glen has such an unbelievable voice and stage presence, and i've seen him about seven times on stage. usually at smaller venues, pubs and bars... all over the place. well last night they sold out Radio City Music Hall. and although i missed the intimacy of being smashed between a bunch of beer toting sweaty dudes swaying to the music, i was really happy for their/his success.

and friends... he ROCKED it. as usual. and i still love everything about him... his humility, his charm, his talent, his range. guhhhh.

and they had a completely wonderful opening band (that are apparently HUGE in ireland) called Interference... this appears to be their website and they were bloody brilliant. the lead singer, fergus, is in a wheelchair and the rest of the band sits on the floor or in chairs to play with him... it was beyond moving, and the man's voice is beyond soulful.

i'll let you enjoy.


jennifer summer said...

i'm totally enjoying the linkage.

Heather said...

Fergus is the guy Glen sings with in Once at the dinner party.... The song, "Gold" --- it's friggin' GORGEOUS.... He's got a phenomenal voice.

jacoblovestheframes said...

One of my favorite tara moments was going to see Damien Rice w/ you and having Swell Season open months before Once was released.

jacob: "wow. they sound great."
tara: "...he sounds like glen hansard...wait. thats glen hansard!"
jacob:" he quit the Frames?!"