Friday, May 9, 2008

mister depp is singing to me...

i'm watching sweeney todd for the first time as i type this... johnny depp singing is kind of an oddity to me. and yet, i still want to lick his face.

signed the lease on a BRAND NEW apartment about a block away from where i'm living now. i now have a dishwasher... her name is marjorie and i love her already. we move in on thursday, and really i'm just counting down the seconds til i get to run around in the fancy new pad. i. love. unpacking. conversely, i fricking HATE packing, although it's a good excuse to throw out old clothes that i dont wear anymore and dust off knacks that have been sitting on a shelf for the last year.

the summer action adventure season is upon us, folks. ironman, indiana jones, batman, and wanted... excuse me while i go change my panties.


Jeremy said...

Iron Man was awesome. Go see it soon if you haven't already. You know because it is more important than moving and such.

chriselda said...

lick his face
change my panties

you are a favorite

jennifer summer said...


I lurve you.

Hillary said...

saw Ironman last night
Robert Downey Jr = yes please!