Thursday, May 22, 2008

the making of something good...

i happen to like those salad stations where you just stand there and spout off the ingredients that you want while some rubber gloved dude flings contents into a bowl for you. here is my can't go wrong combo of awesome:

lettuce (preferably of the romaine variety)
cheddar cheese
one egg
diced chicken
green peas
one scoop of ranch (if you just say ranch they throw in three scoops and it's terrible).
mix... and eat.

i know that everyone in new york is complaining about the nonstop weird rain weather we've been having (a la seattle), but frankly i love it. a lovely breeze just seems to constantly permeate. and i'm a fan of a nice breeze.

my roommate's cat has taken to my bedroom. i came home last night to find her in my closet, cuddled up with my shoe boxes. maybe she just loves shoes as much as i do. and since my roommate was out of the house last night, the cat slept on my bed. i can't even tell you how happy this makes me. i've missed having cats in the house.


Anonymous said...

yay kitty love ! you'd love my idgee ( Idgee Threadgood, "the bee charma") she is so freakin' lovey and talkative. laini has her acting almost human, she literally hugs you when she lays next to you, side to side, facing each other. total awesomeness.

my tummy is yucky today. i threw my salad in the trash. but yay salads! xo, k

Karen said...

Everything but the chicken and you have yourself a deal.

hanomaly said...

hurray for kitty cats!! so long as they aren't trying to shove a paw up your nose, which is what my nausicaa does. she likes to lie on my chest and knead my face.... like my cheeks are going to suddenly begin lactating...sheesh. and now i'm craving salad..... bleu cheese for me, please.

Heather said...

My salad (a la Il Fornaio next to Nordies) is kind of a brown salad.... and very protein-y:

mixed greens
1 egg
garbanzo beans
sunflower seeds

I guess there has to be SOMEthing we don't do the same.

Heather said...

Ooops. Published sans finishing...

mixed greens
1 egg
garbanzo beans
sunflower seeds
annnnnd balsamic vinaigrette

BUT! One of my favorite salads is just:
baby spinach
sliced strawberries
goat cheese
balsamic vinaigrette

jennifer summer said...

I love rain and breezes and avocados in my salad. Holla.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Really? Peas on your salad? Now that's one I've never tried.