Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my library smells of rich mahogany...

i suppose we can call this a little trip into the recesses of my memory and imagination. last night after work i was certain that i'd get home and immediately fall asleep. not so my friends... not so.

i had a little date with myself, made tea, ate some edamame and watched movies... relaxing in bed. it was delightful. i love 'me' time. halfway through the first installment of george eliot's (BBC mini-series version) of Middlemarch, i found myself humming along with the background music. a man was playing the piano...and the tune was something that i remembered from childhood.

i had an old cassette tape of my old piano teacher (from when i was seven or eight) playing a rather long piece. i remember the slanted handwriting on the label of the cassette (i remember it because it was not my mother's)... i used to listen to this piece and dance around over and over and over again. i LOVED it. i have always been appreciative of classical music... but for me, this particular piece means so much more. it also means that very small pieces of my memory are still intact.

i called my mother to see if she knew what the name of it is... and she laughed and scoffed at me a little bit that i'd even remember it in the first place... and then she went in search of her old cassette tape collection in the garage. because if it's one thing i know... my mother keeps things. who knows if i'll ever find out what piano piece that was, but i certainly want to keep looking until i find it. too bad Middlemarch doesn't have a soundtrack (that i can find at least).

i am so, so weird. bygones.

carry on

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