Monday, July 23, 2007

i hope there's pudding...

i spent the entirety of saturday reading the 6th harry potter book again to get my memory up to speed for the unleashing of the final installment. i've basically been ignoring the news and online resources for any spoilers, because really, if i hear one person tell me ANYTHING that happens... i'm going to punch them in the face. this is not even in the same league as hearing the secret of the sixth sense (which was mildly annoying at the time)... i will literally punch you in the babymaker if you tell me something about this book.

i have it in hand... i shall be reading it tonight into the wee hours of the morning too, because there's no way that i'm putting it down once i start. i'm just that kind of reader.

i ignored everyone this weekend, and minus a brief visit from michelle on sunday, i spent the whole thing by myself. i wanted alone time spank you very much... and i took it.

go stick your nose in a book... it'll be good for you.

carry on

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