Thursday, July 26, 2007

in the blink of an eye, you could miss it...

i'm seeing all these great summertime pics of friends in seattle, out on boats on lake washington and looking all tan in bikinis... and i'm MISSING it.

i also ended up stopping by the "grocery store" by my house last night after the gym to get some veggies and what not, and ended up buying a few bags on chips. i got lightly salted and jalapeno... because i had a revelation while there... i miss tim's cascade potato chips. not gonna lie. the thought of having an entire bag of tim's cascade jalapeno potato chips sort of makes me feel tingly all over. whatever i bought last night did NOT compare. not i tell you... NOT.

there's a lot going on at work today... which you may or may not read about in the news over the next few days assuming all goes well. so i have to run... as fast as my sore little tooshie can carry me.


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