Tuesday, July 15, 2008


i do not LOL... i do not ROFL... i *snot dairy* or *high kick* or *shimmie*... shimmie being my most used "hey that makes me so excited i just gave you a little shimmie emoticon that doesn't exist".

anyway... i got home from work on friday (summer fridays, so i was home by 1pm) and started preparing for the weekend's festivities... aka my housewarming party on sunday and all the chopping and shopping that goes along with making white peach sangria. somehow i managed to also take new pictures of arija... but anyways... as i'm taking out a few bags of garbage and what not, i realize that i've let the door to the apartment close and that i'm without keys to get back in. it was about 1:30... arija would be over shortly... and there i was standing in the hallway with two bags of garbage, a box full of broken glass, and an old tv set. super.

i decide to try and climb out of the hallway window (which was filthy) and spiderwoman climb onto our front balcony. the balcony door was OBVIously locked.. and then i realized that the window a/c unit was sitting in a partially open window. so i clambered up onto the ledge... moved the a/c unit... shimmied through the window back into our apartment and put everything back into place. my black shorts were covered in dust/dirt and my hands left dirty prints on the wall... but i was rather impressed with my own ingenuity and shimmie-ing skills.



Karen said...

I, too, have shimmied through my fair share of windows. Some in, some out.

leslie loo said...

You're funny and cute. I love reading your blog. AND! looking at your photos on Flickr- YOU GO GIRL!

Persian Tea said...

awesome blog!