Monday, June 30, 2008

the things that go on in my mindscape...

one of my good friend and coworkers likes to torture me via new music. and it becomes torture because once i discover something new that i love, i listen to it over and over and over AND OVER again until i then hate the thing.

but this song... i mean i LOVE it: you'll have to click here to listen since it won't let me embed

i've had a weird cough/cold for the last two weeks... someone brought it to work and of course my lungs just grabbed hold of it and haven't let go. i hate waking up at 3 in morning due to a coughing fit. i mean really, it's just dumbski.

sent out a few emails today, reminded a few people that they SAID that they wanted to shoot, and am being proactive about finding some photography jobs. it's been a weird summer thus far in regards to my creativiy... aka it's been nonexistent... and at least now, i feel myself pulling out of that a little bit.

the new apartment is really coming along, i've got my faux wall o cubes up and it's beyond brilliant. if i could somehow find my way into ownership of some ceiling fans and window a/c units i'd be all good in the hood. money is dumb, just in case you were wondering.

i've also been cooking up a storm. if i had my druthers, i'd cook a meal for the household every night. does that mean that i'm ready for full domestification? who knows... but i'm practicing. :)


Karen said...

Oh thank the ceiling (yes, you Lord) that you're back. I've missed thee (yes, you Dactyl).

Did you say druthers? What are you, 80?

Heather said...

Happy that your creativity is finding its legs again. :)

Ditto on the dumb-money thing. And ditto on the cooking/domestication-practice thing.

WT, as always, it seems.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Money is dumb. I totally agree. Mostly cus I don't have any.