Friday, June 6, 2008

let's get drunk and... tumble on the granite floor.

my roommate is an ex-ballerina and i'm an ex-gymnast slash hip hop dancer slash jazz dancer.. whatever. our new apartment is wall to wall granite flooring.

last night i came home a weence tipsy from a magazine networking happy hour event (read free white wine) in the UES. in our underwear, we discussed the nature of our self perception and wants from relationships with men. talked about our days, and what we were going to do over the weekend... we laughed. and then as we sat in the living room (on a blanket because the new sofa doesn't get delivered til next friday) (oh yeah i bought a sofa yesterday, woot), the subject somehow came up about pointe shoes. so she got hers out... two pair. and i tried to stuff my giant size 9s into her dainty little shoes (they didn't fit, but no matter). i tried going up on toe, and just couldn't figure out 1) why it KILLED and 2) why my feet weren't bending the right way.

and then it occurred to me... i have screws in my foot. i don't know why i constantly forget that i had that surgery and that i'm never going to be able to move the same. regardless, there i was holding onto the wall up on my toes. and that's what pointe is... there's no padding in those things. you are balancing on the very tippy top of your toes. and it effing HURTS.

so then we were done w/ the ballerina portion, and we were stretching... and i busted out some splits (don't ask me how i can still do them), and then started talking about tumbling... and so i decided that i'd show her some stuff via the hallway and the living room (sans sofa). 11pm slightly tipsy tumbling on granite floors... NOT a great idea. just in case you were thinking about trying that some time soon. my right wrist is not happy this morning.

but hey... at least i can still retain a little bit of my youthful awesomeness. i mean... at least there's THAT!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun night, until the tumbling on the granite floor. Why is it that crazy things always seem like a good idea after a few drinks?

Have a great weekend...and no more tumbling! =)

Hillary said...

pointe = torture
I have permanently disfigured toes from pointe.
*shakes fist*

ps - I am shocked that you can even type after tumbling on granite floors

Anonymous said...

this place sounds fancy.

Erika said...

sore the next day??

K said...

um, seriously. didn't i tell you no running in socks on that floor?! WTF, tumbling, LOL.

yea, pointe shoes were tough, you get used to it. plus, you can use lambswool (forget the short name) to pad a bit.

why didn't you v-i-d-e-o!

Heather said...

Just be careful... Julia's weence-tipsy-yoga-ing on marble floors resulted in broken front toof. ;)

David said...

What? And no pictures??!??!

Vanessa said...

Anytime I can still do some move from my childhood I declare it a victory!

Loosy said...

Hi. Where are you?

Anonymous said...

i am lost without updated postings from dactyl