Wednesday, April 11, 2007

subway shenanigans and other tales of woe...

yes, i said woe... not wow... nor WOH as joey lawrence might proclaim after seeing my tots. whatever.

yesterevening on the ride home from work, our car was treated to a little bit of saxophone. well actually two times. the first man was lovely and gave us some jazz, and i was briefly saddened to find out that another sax wielding vagrant had gotten on our car and started yelling things, which made the lovely jazz player leave.

the new guy said that he was an alien (he had sparkly dealie bobs on the top of his chapeau for crying out loud) and said that he needed money to fix his spaceship to get back to his home planet and that he wasn't allowed to speak earthly languages but would speak his alien speak to us... aka shrieking sax noises a la the twilight zone theme song. then he moved down to MY end of the car and did it again... i don't think that i could hear for a few minutes. redonkulous really.

in other news (and oddly timed as it would seem because i made k watch in and out over the weekend), but i saw Zak Orth taking his kid to school this morning in my neighborhood. he had longish hair and a beard, but i'm QUITE certain that it was him. we made eye contact... i almost said 'what happened? i was FAT!'. but i didn't... that would have been righteous though. and yes, i did just say righteous.

starbucks, in an effort to create new flavors of crack, have come out with dulce de leche beverages... or as i'm now going to call them, flan in a cup. i decided to try this little treat this morning and it's like wedging sugar into your gums... it's that sweet. and like i need any more sweetnes... i'm just sweet all on my own. <--- you should see the expression on my face as i'm even attempting to type that. think gay man with a beard and sweater vest... i mock myself because i can.

my roommate j came home from visiting her parents over easter weekend with giant bags full of nuts. yes... i said nuts. apparently there is a festive little nut shop right outside her hometown that sells nuts and dried fruit by the bagful... for like a dollar. she called me from the nutshop (i'm going to hang a sign over my bedroom door that says this i think) to see what little delicacies i would enjoy... i said pistachios. soooooo now there's a massive bag of pistachios in our kitchen... to go with the huge bag of peanuts, dried mango, pineapple, gummy strawberries, whole figs, deep fried peas, and macaroons. needless to say, we aren't wanting of snacks in our household right now.

it's wednesday... one of those days where i wish i was at home in bed... doing that thing that you're supposed to be doing on a wednesday. i mean, why would they nickname it such a thing if it wasn't directly correlated to the naked bonanza?! happy wednesday folks.

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