Friday, April 20, 2007

well i know mel gibson and hamlet didn't say that.. it was that polonius guy.

i'm feeling inspired by a friend's recent blog post where he's talking to himself. so i'm going to create a conversation with myself:

me: that's a great skirt you've got on today.

tara: it's pink... and flouncy... i like it.

me: well i do too. but you should have washed your hair today.

tara: i should have shaved my legs too, but who's keeping track?

me: apparently, you are.

tara: true story.

me: you really don't care do you?

tara: not lately. and i've been trying to figure out why... why i can't seem to put my best foot forward, and let people see and enjoy 'me'... err YOU rather.

me: i was thinking about that last night while we were doing laundry. what's the deal?

tara: i've gotten so used to saying 'i'm fine' that i've stopped feeling things. i'm pretending that i just don't care anymore... since caring seems to get me into such trouble.

me: that's not true... my tears brutally rebuff that statement.

tara: i know. but if i keep telling you that i'm fine, then i won't have to think about things.

me: well that blouse makes your ass look fabulous.

tara: thank you. and a good point.

me: we will know love again.

tara: i hope so... and in the meantime, i'll take today's 'entertaining others' shift.

me: i appreciate that. i'll be over here reading and sipping my vanilla latte.

tara: cool beans.

me: we don't say things like 'cool beans'.

tara: eh... well i gave it a shot.

me: solid effort... now please pass me a tissue.

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